Weather Policy and Updates

CASA Weather Policy

Game Day Weather Call

  • Unless otherwise notified games will be ON for that day.
  • Individuals should expect that games will be played under less than ideal weather conditions – wind and cooler temperatures for example – and should be prepared accordingly with appropriate clothing.
  • If games for that day are going to be CANCELLED, Captains will be notified by 5 PM that day.  CASA will make determinations, based upon weather conditions and forecasts.  Please ensure game day that you check for notifications from your captain.
  • When games are considered ON for a given day, both teams are expected to have their teams show up at the diamond with the minimum number of players to avoid a default of the game.

Weather and Field Conditions at Game Time

  • Weather conditions in Calgary can change rapidly, and due to the large geographic area of Calgary, weather conditions can vary across the city.  Therefore, even though games may be considered to be ON for that day, teams have the discretion to mutually agree to cancel a game based upon weather or field conditions at game time.
  • Teams also have the discretion to stop play during a game due to changing weather conditions.
  • Under no circumstances should games be played or continued to be played in the presence of thunder and lightning, excessive rainfall, hail, or where weather or field conditions pose a safety issue to players.  Games should stop immediately or not be played in these circumstances.
  • Teams should wait 20 minutes allowing weather conditions to change before calling a game-off.

Rescheduling of Cancelled Games

  • If games are canceled by CASA for that evening or teams call off a game prior to game start due to changing weather conditions, CASA will make best efforts to attempt to reschedule those games.  There will be limited slots to reschedule, therefore all games may not be rescheduled.
  • If teams decide to cancel a game prior to starting, due to weather or field conditions, the Team Captains will need to notify CASA, so that possible rescheduling can occur.  Again due to limited time slots available, all games may not be rescheduled.

Stopping Games and Scoring

  • If a game is stopped during play, due to unsafe weather or field conditions, then the score from the last full inning will be deemed to be the final score for that game, if the fourth inning has been completed. If the fourth inning hasn’t been completed, then it will be recorded as a tie.  NO rescheduling will occur.

Examples of Weather Conditions Causing Cancellation of Games:

  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Heavy rainfall or rainfall amounts that make for slippery or hazardous footing
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Unsafe field conditions
  • Poor air quality conditions, where it is recommended that outdoor activity cease
  • Games should not be played if there are conditions that pose a safety issue to players.