Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join with a friend/partner?

Absolutely, please go to Request a Buddy for more information.

Where are the games?

Most of our games are centrally located in Calgary.  Please go to Fields for updated information.

Are there gender restrictions?

No, we want to ensure all genders are equal!  Team Captains are instructed to ensure players play in a variety positions and develop a batter order that promotes inclusivity.  For more information, go to CASA Rules.

Can straight people play?

All straight allies are welcome to play!  Keep in mind, all allies should understand ally-ship to ensure all LGBTQ2S+ players feel safe, as this is their space.

I’ve never played softball before, can I join?

Yes, yes, yes…a thousand times, yes!  Every year many players join the league not knowing a thing about softball.  That’s ok – we got you!  You will be drafted onto a team with a Captain who will support you.  CASA also runs a Meet N Greet before the season to allow you to have some coaching.  Finally, it doesn’t hurt for you to read the rules before you start.

What equipment do I need to play?

A softball glove and cleats. However, some players wear running shoes, but it’s not recommended.  Typically someone on your team will bring bats to share, and the balls and bases are provided by CASA.  Jersey’s are also part of your registration, so don’t forget to tell us your size.

What night of the week does the league play?

CASA league plays on Wednesday evenings from April/May to August/September each year.

How long is the season?

16 (glorious) weeks! 

I’m interested in being a Team Captain/Co-Captain, what do I do?

Please contact us directly.  The Board each year will select the Captains.

Are there toilets, port-a-potties or bathroom facilities at the fields?

Typically, no.  Toilets or port-a-potties are not provided by the City of Calgary or CASA.

I have a complaint about another player, what do I do?

First, talk to the player directly.  It’s always good to resolve issues one on one.  However, if you need support or if it’s serious please tell your Team Captain and email the Board on the contact us page.  We want to ensure the experience for all is fun and safe – so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’m interested in being a board member, what do I do?

Please check out the CASA Bylaws – this will give you a good sense of the roles and expectations.  Next, contact us, we would love to chat!

Board members are voted in every year at the Annual General Meeting held in October.