Hello CASA Players,

On behalf of the Board, we want to thank you for signing up for the 2021 CASA Season.  Since there have been a lot of questions about this upcoming season we wanted to send out an update to all the players. Since the fall of 2020, the CASA Board has been meeting regularly to prepare for this season. As you may know, this season we have separated from CSSC and are now fully independent moving forward. With this move, the Board has been busy!

Here are some of the highlights so far:

  • Updated the website to register players.
    • We currently have over 190 players registered. A record high for CASA!
    • We will invoice players once AHS have given approval to move forward.
  • Worked with the City of Calgary to book our play field, CASA Classic (July 23th-24th) and the Pride Slam (Sept 4th). All pending COVID restrictions.
    • Playfields:
      • Father Lacombe High School (3615 Radcliffe Dr. SE)
      • Radisson Park School (2805 Radcliffe Dr. SE)
      • Applewood Community Centre (755 Applewood Dr. SE)
      • Saint Bede Elementary School (333 Bermuda Dr. NW)
      • Brentwood Sportslex (1502 Northmount Dr. NW)
    • Visit casaleague.ca/fields for field info
  • Secured the following sponsors for the season. More to come!
    • Altitude Collaborative Health
    • The Backlot
    • Brokerlink
    • Carte Blanche Lifestyle
    • CITI
    • Freddie
    • Ikaria
    • Odeon Dental
    • Pride in Business
    • Redline Real Estate Group
    • Social Cut & Shave
    • Twisted Element
  • Organized the season schedule to include 14 day breaks to allow for cohorts to switch and teams can play different teams throughout the season.
    • Currently we have two schedules created a 12 team league with cohorts, and a 16 team league with cohorts. This is subject to change as players may or may not choose to play this year.
  • Developed weather policy, COVID policy, and updated other areas of the website for players – check out casaleague.ca for more info.
  • Umpires – we are collecting names for folks to be trained as umpires. CASA is working with Alberta Softball Umpire Association to have this training completed.  In post-pandemic times, we are hoping to obtain these services from ASUA, but due to restrictions, we are unable to utilize them this year.  So if you or anyone you know wants to be an umpire please email us.
  • Increased our social media presence – please follow and Facebook and Instagram!
  • Draft is on-hold, but once we have approval to move forward from AHS we will get it moving quickly.
  • We have 12 Captains and Co-Captains for the season – thank you all for coming forward to support the league in this way. However, we may need more with 16 teams so please let us know if you are interested.

Finally, as you’re well aware, the softball season still requires the go-ahead by the Alberta Government.  We are currently in Phase 1 and adult sports require Phase 3 to commence the season.  Although, once we the government announces Phase 3 the CASA Board will move quickly to ensure we start our season.  However, if Phase 3 comes in late spring or mid-season we will still continue with a modified season much like we did last year.

Again, we hope everyone stays safe and hope to see you on the field in the near future!

Stay tuned for more information as we learn it.



Calgary Apollo Softball Association

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